Back to Brick is a literary journalism website dedicated to the exploration of technological dependence and addiction in the 21st century.

This website contains the titular literary journalism feature, Back to Brick exploring technology dependence through the perspectives of six people of four different age groups. The history and progression of mobile phones and entertainment technology is also explored on this website. References and Links to news articles and other websites with information on mobile phones and entertainment technology.

This literary journalism feature was inspired by the fact that I am “technologically behind”–I do not own an iPhone, tablet or iPad. It was also inspired by a discussion with classmates about how I feel I can mentally switch off due to the fact that I don’t own the latest technological devices, although still feel the pressure to conform and be “up-to-date”.

The title Back to Brick is inspired by the slang term, Brick for technological devices that are no longer functioning either due to faults or due to certain technological devices and/or models becoming obsolete over time.